Highlights and discussion on Capcom-Unity’s Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Arcade Mode stream

By on December 5, 2017 at 4:00 pm
SFV Arcade Edition

New V-Triggers got a little bit of air time in Capcom-Unity’s Arcade Mode showcase.

Capcom-Unity took to Twitch yesterday to highlight the features of the upcoming Arcade Mode in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. It didn’t take long for the interface and layout to be shown; as what most viewers wanted to see were the new mechanics and V-Triggers in the upcoming build of the game, the rest of the stream turned to demonstrating those — well, at least a little. It was pretty clear that the stream was somewhat limited on what they were allowed to show off for us.

In this video, VesperArcade summarizes what was covered in the stream, and discusses what we were able to see of the new gameplay aspects and V-Triggers:

YogaFlame24 clipped the highlights from the stream for your viewing convenience; they basically boil down to seeing some of the new V-Triggers in action. While we saw Ibuki’s giant shuriken and Ryu’s crumpling parry in the initial trailer, this time we we got some glimpses of Chun-Li’s Kikosho and Birdie’s new can-flipping interaction.

NurseLee also clipped a section and ran a visual comparison of the increased pushback from Ken’s corner throw.

Sources: VesperArcade, YogaFlame24

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