Tekken 7’s Geese Howard roundup: Raging Storm vs. EWGF, wall-to-wall combos, super jump glitch, and more!

By on December 4, 2017 at 12:30 pm
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We’re on our third video roundup of videos for Tekken 7‘s DLC2 character, Geese. The previous two roundups have been largely centered around combos and options, predictably so.  But any new character in any game is going to have a bug or two, and if glitches are your favorite things in fighting games, this post if for you.

Let’s just go ahead and get the biggest one out of the way, from Sodusthepock. Devil Jin, you no longer rule the skies of Tekken 7:

You may remember that Akuma can trap opponents on the ground by FADCing his Red Fireball over their body, then sweeping them OTG into the fireball. Well, Geese thinks that’s too much work, and just opts for his EX Fireball to pick up grounded opponents in this video from Peter Souvannarath. No other tricks required!

Also from Peter, we have an impressive wall-to-wall combo:

Louis Lee found out that there’s no electrical activity in Geese’s Raging Storm. It makes sense that Geese didn’t get hit, but how did Kazuya survive? Is there a dead spot in the eye of Geese’s storm?

From ShiningFace, here’s a 3-bar death combo that, though it requires the Rage damage buff, does not use any Rage Arts.

Just like Akuma, Geese is able to throw a fireball from upstairs, then juggling into it post-balcony break. art_adriano says it’s his first Geese combo: it’s a good one.

And last but not least, cutcc has some quick educational Geese tips, both for playing as and against SNK’s most famous big-bad.

Sources: SodusthepockPeter SouvannarathLouis Leeart_adrianoshiningfacecutcc

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