Newegg offering free copies of Tekken 7 for PlayStation 4 with every arcade stick purchase

By on December 4, 2017 at 9:00 am

For some players, purchasing an arcade stick may be hard to justify, if they don’t have enough games in their library to use it. A new deal from Newegg, however, makes the decision to purchase one a bit easier: by giving away a free game. For a limited time, every purchase of an arcade stick for the PlayStation 4 at Newegg will come with a free copy of Tekken 7 (for that console, naturally).

This offer applies to all PlayStation 4 arcade sticks carried by Newegg, ranging from the inexpensive Qanba Drone to high-end sticks such as the Razer Panthera (Street Fighter V edition), MadCatz Tournament Edition 2+, Qanba Dragon, and Hori RAP Premium VLX. With Tekken 7 still retailing at around the $50 range, this equals a decent amount of savings, especially when paired with some of the lower-priced arcade sticks.

For those interesting in taking advantage of this offer, take note that this is for a limited time only. While Newegg hasn’t stated when the offer will expire, it’ll likely only run while their supplies of Tekken 7 last.

Source: Newegg

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