Let’s Rock! See Japan’s finest Guilty Gear players face off at Mikado Arcade: Tenkaichi Budoukai Series 3

By on December 4, 2017 at 3:00 pm
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Hoping to tie up a year’s worth of amazing Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 competition, Mikado Arcade is gearing up for the third series of its Tenkaichi Budoukai. Bringing together eight of Japan’s best Guilty Gear players, this grueling round robin league will see one talented competitor crowned as “The Best Under Heaven.”

If you’re not familiar with the Tenkaichi Budoukai (outside of Dragon Ball), players are split into two groups of four — the Spade League and the Heart League. Within these groups, competitors fight against all other combatants in first-to-10 sets. From each league, the overall winner (based on their match record and win/loss differentials) will go on to a final championship group. There is still hope for the second and third place players though, as they are placed in a single-elimination, first-to-five bracket, with the winner claiming the third spot in the championship group.

As for the groups, they are made up of Guilty Gear legends, threats from outside of Tokyo and recent champions. You can find a full breakdown of each competitor via this Twitlonger, but here are the cliff notes:

Group A

  • Omito (Johnny/Evo 2017 champion)
  • Ogawa (Zato=1/Arc Revo 2017 champion)
  • Zadi (Raven/Runner-up of Pre-Evo Japan 賽 [sài])
  • Haaken (Sol/Top 8 placer from Pre-Evo Japan 賽 [sài])

Group B

  • Nage (Faust/GODSGARDEN 12 champion)
  • Tomo TM57 (Leo/Arc Revo 2017 and Evo 2017 runner-up)
  • Tourio (I-No/Two-time Arc Revo Top 8 placer)
  • Fumo (Elphelt/Jespa Top 8 placer)

Similar to ELEAGUE, these matches will take place over a series of weekends — with the first Group B match taking place on December 16th. For those who wish to tune in live via Twitch, there will be Japanese commentary via Jonio-san, as well as live English commentary, courtesy of our very own Majinobama. If you cannot stay up to catch each set live, every match will be uploaded to the official Mikado Arcade YouTube channel.

For the preliminary match schedule, check out this Twitlonger but stay locked to either Jonio-san or Majinobama‘s Twitter accounts for all the latest updates on Tenkaichi Budoukai Series 3. Whether you’re a Guilty Gear veteran or a casual spectator, you do not want miss this league.

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