Witness planet-destroying terror with all of the anime and manga references from Kid Buu’s Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer

By on December 3, 2017 at 11:00 am
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Another week, another new character reveal trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball FighterZ. This time, IKevinX turns his attention to the freshly-revealed Kid Buu, who served as the final villain to close Akira Toriyama’s original manga and the Dragon Ball Z era of the franchise. The purest from of Majin Buu before he absorbed the Southern and Grand Supreme Kais, this smaller incarnation knows only destruction, to the point he doesn’t care about or even understand anything else but the evil feeling of joy from causing untold havoc across the universe.

In terms of his Arc System Works incarnation, Kid Buu’s supremely unpredictable movements and usage of his lighter elastic body make him impossible to pin down. Taking chief inspiration from the final battle with Goku and Vegeta on the Sacred World of the Kais, Kid Buu retains his signature Mystic Attacks, including the Mystic Ball Attack, seen only in the anime, as well as his manga-exclusive candy beam.

We can also see his mouth-beam, Gack! and Majin Kamehameha.  He appears to have inherited both Super Buu’s Humanity Extinction Wave, as well as his backwards Mystic Ball curl — perhaps deconfirming Buu’s strongest incarnation and tragically squashing any hopes for a full Team Buu.

Finally, his Level 3 is, of course, the Planet Burst/Super Vanishing Ball, which Kid Buu utilized to literally wipe the Earth from the map of Universe 7. You can see the full video, set to his DBGT Final Bout theme below, along with links to all of IKevinX’s previous coverage.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on January 26th, 2018 in North America and Europe in standard, FighterZ, Ultimate and CollectorZ editions. A Japanese release will follow on those same platforms on February 1st. An open beta will be held sometime in January, before the title’s full release.

Source: IKevinX

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