Taito announce new King of Fighters XIV and BlazBlue Central Fiction arcade cabinets [EDIT]

By on December 3, 2017 at 2:00 pm
Taito KOFXIV Arcade

EDIT It’s been brought to our attention that the titles King of Fighters XIV Arcade Ver. Burn 2 Fight and BlazBlue Central Fiction: Braver’s Reveal 2018 are just the names of these touring tournaments, rather than brand new arcade cabinets.

Thanks to Gatoray_KOF for the clarification and we apologize for the confusion.

Original story: Similar to their recent Street Fighter V arcade cabinet, Taito are planning to tour two new cabs — one for King of Fighters XIV and one for BlazBlue Central Fiction. Named King of Fighters XIV Arcade Ver. Burn 2 Fight and BlazBlue Central Fiction: Braver’s Reveal 2018, these units run the latest editions of each game, complete with balance updates and DLC characters.

To coincide with their release, Taito are running a special touring tournament for each game, where these cabinets will be exhibited in select arcades around Japan. Players who win an arcade qualifier will be invited to the finals at the MEGARAGE Taito Station in Kawasaki where a grand champion will be crowned.

While the King of Fighters XIV tournament will be 1v1, the BlazBlue tournament is a 3v3 teams tournament, with the winning team from each arcade qualifier being invited to compete in the finals. As is the case with most Japanese tournaments, the qualifiers will be best-of-one and single elimination, so there is no room for error.

If you are in Japan and wish to compete, you can find all the details about participating arcades via the official Taito website. The first KOFXIV event will be on December 16th in Kobe, while the first BlazBlue event will be on December 17th in Kanazawa.

Source: TAITO

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