See Europe’s top Street Fighter V players fight it out in this Top 8 recap from WSO Open Xmas Special

By on December 3, 2017 at 10:00 am
WSO Christmas Open

Yesterday, the WSO Open saw some of Europe’s greatest Street Fighter V players competing in a special festive tournament. Along with top UK talent like Problem X, Packz, Hurricane, Afii and Infexious (to name but a few), some of France’s biggest threats journeyed across the Channel to fly the Tricolore.

Ultimately, it was an all UK final, with Problem X facing off against Hurricane in a 10-game Grand Finals. Hurricane’s time at Gfinity has really sharpened up his play, with him defeating Problem X 3-1 in Winners’ Finals, and then taking both Grand Finals sets to the final game. While Cammy did most of the work, Hurricane did use Abigail for certain matches in bracket — with the Mad Gear meathead earning him a victory against Problem X’s Zangief in the opening game of Grand Finals.

Problem X did bring home the crown in the end, eventually bringing out his Bison to win this Christmas edition of WSO Open. The Zangief pick must be in preparation for Capcom Cup next weekend, as his opponents will no doubt be expecting the Bison in bracket. Hopefully, the combination of both Muscle and Psycho Power will see Problem X taking the Capcom Cup back to London.

You can watch the entire Top 8 via the playlist below and for the whole bracket breakdown, check out the dedicated Challonge page.

Source: WinnerStaysOn

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