Some of Japan’s best look to join the Arc System Works Fighting Game Awards with BlazBlue and Guilty Gear online qualifiers

By on December 2, 2017 at 12:00 pm
ASW Awards 2017

With 2017 beginning to draw to a close, it’s time once again for the second Arc System Works Fighting Game Awards. Like last year, the event will be celebrating some of the top players in the company’s premiere airdashers, BlazBlue Central Fiction and Guilty Gear Xrd REV2.  With both titles seeing balance updates and new characters, as well as coming off of the momentum of fantastic showings at Evo and Toushinsai 2017, this will undoubtedly be a spectacular event to kick off the new year.

This year’s participants were acquired in a similar fashion to the previous lineups, though in lieu of the 2016 Award’s fan voting, the last two spots in each game were determined by a series of online qualifiers, which just recently concluded. In regards to which players will be competing in these two double-elimination tournaments, the Chosen seeking the Azure in BBCF will be:

  • Monster/IGS|Kaibutsukun (Izanami, Nine The Phantom, Ragna The Bloodedge) – Co-Champion of Braver’s Rebel 2017
  • Fenrich (Jin Kisaragi) – Co-Champion of Toushinsai 2017
  • Iwashi (Ragna The Bloodedge) – Co-Champion of Toushinsai 2017
  • Film (Hakumen) – Co-Champion of Braver’s Rebel 2017
  • Meister (Lambda-11) – Gateway to BlazBlue Champion
  • Grover (Carl Clover) – Highest-placing American player at Evo 2017, tied for 9th
  • Online Qualifier A
  • Online Qualifier B

Those who will be getting ready to rock in REV2 are:

  • Samitto (Chip Zanuff) – Pre-Evo Japan: 賽 [sài] Champion
  • Omitto (Johnny) – Evo 2017 Champion
  • Nage (Faust) – GodsGarden #12 Champion
  • Ruki (Dizzy) – Co-Champion of Toushinsai 2017
  • Ogawa (Zato-1) – Co-Champion of Toushinsai 2017
  • Daru (I-No) – Co-Champion of Toushinsai 2017
  • Online Qualifier A
  • Online Qualifier B

In order to find out who took the last two spots for each game, you can catch the online qualifiers that were held on November 25th and 26th, courtesy of Jourdal and Mdesilva, below.

The 2017 Arc System Works Fighting Game Awards will take place on Saturday, January 13th, 2018, at the e-sports SQUARE AKIHABARA in Tokyo, Japan. Streaming information was unavailable at this time, but given that Aksys Games stepped in to assist with last year’s English broadcast, and ASW has been streaming regularly on their own Twitch channel, they’re both likely candidates for home viewing. We’ll keep you updated here at Shoryuken as more details become available.

Sources: Jourdal; Mdesilva via ArcSystemWorks

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