That Blasted Salami covers the essentials of Tekken 7’s King

By on December 1, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Tekken 7‘s primary grappler, King, is one of the most unique powerhouses in the game. Unlike the concept of “grapplers” in the 2D genre, King’s quality isn’t quite so polarized around his grabs (despite having the best grabs in the game). This Monster Macho Man also comes equipped with fantastic pokes, containment tools, combo damage, range, and punishment options.

Continuing their excellent Tekken 7 Essentials series, That Blasted Salami is tackling the masked wrestler’s tool set and game-plan. Everything you need to know to pick up King is covered here, from his command grab mix-ups to his general wake-up options.

Source: That Blasted Salami

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