Tekken 7’s Geese Howard, day two: Mastermind’s Geese guide, goofy Raging Storm hitbox, punishment options, & more!

By on December 1, 2017 at 7:00 pm
tekken 7 trailer geese king of fear

We’re in day two of Geese Howard’s assault on Tekken 7 — have you given in to your fears yet? If you haven’t, maybe some of the discoveries that have been submitted to us through our tipline will make you afraid of South Town’s true king!

If you’re having trouble with canceling normals into Max Mode, it might help you to know that you don’t need to press all three buttons to cancel during combos. Thanks, Heroth!

Mastermind turned his tutorial series towards the SNK boss, breaking down his entire moveset.

Raging Storm’s instant invulnerability has… promise, as you can see from this discovery by HQRubbish.

Scallywag 93 lays out Geese’s punishment options for quick visual reference.

Looking for more uses for Max Mode outside of combos? BadoorSNK made an interesting observation: high parry in Max Mode also beats mids!

Tekken pro Tk_ Anakin has been enjoying Geese, it seems. If the QCB+2 mix-up remains real, then the mileage he’s getting out of it will be a very early indicator of Geese tournament play.

Samifish11 has found out a way to consistently get Final Reppuken to hit OTG, avoiding juggle scaling in the process.

And of course, in early days everyone is in combo discovery mode. Here are videos from EvilBowlOfCerealHurtboxTV, and BLUELINKBR.

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