meLo’s new combo video “J.A.N.K.” breaks Pokkén Tournament DX’s understanding of wall combos

By on December 1, 2017 at 5:00 pm
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The FGC is known for pushing the games sold to them to their absolute limit. As a community familiar with seeing games buckle under the weight of our creativity, we know what it looks like when a game isn’t sure how to handle a situation. If you were wondering what it looks like when Pokkén Tournament DX‘s combo rules are stretched like taffy, I’d like to present exhibit A: meLo oLem‘s latest combo video.

“Which side is Pikachu Libre on? Did her attack cross up? Wait, it shouldn’t cross up, the opponent is on the wall. What do I… How do I…”

If stuttering machine code could be translated into human language, the above is what I’d like to think Pokkén was muttering as meLo oLem managed to preform cross-up combos on an opponent stuck to a wall. “J.A.N.K.” is a tribute to the high-execution, highly impractical, and perfectly stylish combos capable in Pokkén’s engine.

Source: meLo oLem

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