Kid Buu makes a grand entrance in his Dragon Ball FighterZ intro trailer

By on December 1, 2017 at 9:00 am
Kid Buu DBFZ

An unpredictable fighter with no shred of mercy, Kid Buu is one fearsome opponent. Mixing his own abilities with those he has copied off other fighters, Arc System Works’ interpretation of Kid Buu is going to be a nightmare in battle. Unlike his portly counterpart, Kid Buu has plenty of mobility, being able to bounce round the screen and get right in his enemy’s face.

He’s a threat at the mid-range too, utilizing his stretchy limbs to either harass the opponent with long-range pokes, or grabbing them to start a combo. One of his low attacks even has his foot erupting from beneath the ground! Kid Buu also has the power to turn his foe into a candy, but this looks to be part of his light autocombo, rather than a Super.

Speaking of Supers, this trailer confirms that Assault Rain is going to be Kid Buu’s Level 1 Super, where he unleashes a volley of pink energy beams which rain down from the sky. The initial blast knocks opponents into the air, while the resulting energy beam barrage knocking them back down to the ground, or forcing you to block.

With Jump Festa coming up later this month, expect reveals for Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s final four fighters, along with a trailer for Ultimate Gohan.

Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe

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