Virtual Storm has signed Claudio pro Changbin “Binchang” Moon to their roster

By on November 30, 2017 at 7:00 pm

Virtual Storm has announced the expansion of its already strong Tekken 7 roster with the acquisition of Changbin “Binchang” Moon. Binchang will be joining the likes of Pokchop, Kodee, Trungy, and Spero Gin as Virtual Storm enters the 2018 Tekken season.

This Claudio pro is a strong player with a somewhat unrepresented character in the highest levels of Tekken. He dominated Canada Cup Vancouver 2017, and placed 7th recently at SoCal Regionals. With the power afforded by a sponsorship, it’ll be exciting to see how he can capitalize on the 2018 tournament season.

Source: VirtualStormLLC

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