Who is the King of Fear? Geese shows off his moves — and two new costumes — in his Tekken 7 launch trailer

By on November 29, 2017 at 12:30 pm
tekken 7 trailer geese phoenix costume

Whining fools, begone! Geese Howard has almost arrived.

With a new patch out in the wild introducing “DLC2” to Tekken 7, Bandai Namco has revealed some more footage of incoming Fatal Fury guest character Geese Howard’s gameplay, the new Howard Estate stage, and two new costumes in Geese’s official launch trailer:

While erroneously appearing as available now in the game menu, Geese will become available over tonight and tomorrow, depending on your platform.

We’ll be unleashing a Raging Storm or two on our enemies very soon with this hotly-anticipated guest fighter!

tekken 7 trailer geese king of fear

Sources: Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe; Katsuhiro Harada (Twitter)

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