Tournament organizer apologizes and withdraws from the Smash scene after allegedly endangering the lives of others

By on November 29, 2017 at 4:00 pm

Multiple sources on Twitter have been writing about a bizarre incident last weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada. According to several Smash players, a tournament organizer who goes by the handle JK has endangered the lives of some members of the scene.

The incident, described in several Twitlonger posts, occurred in a parking lot after a local event at Game Nest. A group of eight split after deciding on getting food — Tsugi|Technicals, CDK, S2H, SoCalGohan, Brosinex, Kswz, and Turtle, with JK separating. According to Tsugi|Technicals, JK nearly ran some of the members over with his car — had they not dodged in time. Afrokunsenpai says he didn’t witness the exact moment of the incident, but corroborates the later exchange at a restaurant with JK, where a confrontation took place. According to them, JK expressed no remorse for endangering the lives of those he nearly hit with his car.

Ultimately, there are no charges pressed, and there is no police report filed about the incident — not because there’s doubt that an incident occurred, but because there’s supposedly not enough evidence to prove that it was an attempt to harm the players.

JK still played in a tournament following the incident, but he is getting banned from attending further ones, according to multiple sources. JK posted an apology Twitlonger, citing his own mental health issues. He also posted on his Twitter that he is withdrawing from the Smash scene.

Sources: JK; @Afrokunsenpai; Tsugi|Technicals; @_charliedaking_

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