Reminder: GUTS Giveaway contest closes tomorrow, November 29th

By on November 28, 2017 at 12:30 pm
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Capture your funniest GUTS moment to win merchandise or Brazil-themed goodies.

Gory comedy fighter GUTS has launched on Steam, and Brazil-based Flux Game Studio is offering a prize package in exchange for the most ridiculous GUTS moment captured on video. The GUTS Giveaway contest promises a Brazilian “care package” — that consists of items such as a Brazilian soccer shirt, Brazilian flip-flops, GUTS merchandise, and other local goodies — to the best entry, and that contest closes tomorrow, so act fast if you’re working on some blood-soaked GUTS slapstick.


  • Submissions will be accepted from November 15th to 29th.
  • You can send as many submissions as you want.
  • You must use separate forms to submit different videos.
  • You must include the terms GUTS and #GUTSFUN on the title, along with your own funny title.
  • Gameplay submissions must be recorded during a match.
  • All game modes are accepted.
  • Video editing must be limited to simple cuts, text, audio and animations. Every addition should help highlight the game, its features and the player’s reaction, but not alter the game aspect.
  • Submissions must have 5 seconds minimum and 3 minutes maximum.
  • In case of duplicate submission, the earliest video will be considered.
  • If a participant copies another person’s video, the copier and all of their entries will be automatically eliminated.
  • Videos must be set as “Public.”
  • The prize is exclusive for the user that submitted the video.
  • There will not be a second or more prizes even if two players or more recorded the video.
  • The contest results will be announced on GUTS social media by December 4th.
  • Flux Game Studio reserves the right to judge the submissions according to its own terms and opinions.
  • Filling this form is a must.

Check out GUTS on its Steam page!

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Source: Flux Game Studio Editor-in-Chief. Street Fighterin' since there was only a "II" in the title.