Koushun releases videos of Japanese Sailor Moon S tech and setups on YouTube

By on November 28, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Sailor Moon S

While North America has been studying the game engine of Sailor Moon S and developing a meta in the game for a handful of years now, Japan has been doing the same since the game’s 1994 release. While a lot of what the west knows about this game overlaps with what Japan knows, there is still much to learn, and the Japanese scene is working to give their western counterparts a leg up.

Japanese Street Fighter III: Third Strike legend Koushun is one of the biggest players of the game in Japan, and has recently released some of his footage — formerly only found by hunting for it on Niconico Douga — on Youtube. He also includes captions to explain the tech found in English. In it, you can see various setups and option selects used to blow up wake-up backdashes and guard cancels as well as to punish trades in some situations. He also shows off some amazing ambiguity with crossups, including some with Uranus that sets up her infinite.

Source: koushun1022

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