Hit Box unveil the latest Smash Box update, complete with button remapping and special tournament verification software

By on November 28, 2017 at 10:00 am
New SmashBox Layout

Production on the Smash Box is progressing well and Hit Box have just released a video update, detailing some of the new additions and features that the controller will launch with next January. The biggest change has been a shift in button layout, moving the eight button column as well as the C-Stick buttons for maximum comfort. The Smash Box now also has two extra buttons, bringing its button count to 32.

For dedicated players who want to save the perfect angles for recovering back to stage or DIing, the Smash Box now allows you to save custom angle profiles via in-built software. When combined with button remapping, Smash Box users can totally customize the experience to fit their play-style. There are even plans for players to be able to download angle and button profiles from other Smash Box users, if you want to try out someone’s settings.

The specter of tournament legality continues to hang around the Smash Box, so Hit Box have created special tournament verification software which can check the custom settings of each controller. TOs can then check that each Smash Box is following the regulations of their event, and stop any funny business that could be happening under the hood.

Source: Hit Box

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