2016’s runner-up Ricki Ortiz enters Capcom Cup 2017 to replace NuckleDu’s auto-qualification spot

By on November 28, 2017 at 10:57 am

Here comes a new (and unexpected) challenger!

When it was revealed via a tweet yesterday from Team Liquid’s NuckleDu that he may not attend Capcom Cup 2017 in his guaranteed championship auto-qualification spot, speculation immediately kicked off as to who the replacement would be, if NuckleDu actually backed out of the event. Many people called attention to the Succession rule, that indicated last year’s runner-up would gain access to the championship auto-qualifier position if the Champion was unable to compete; the question was if this rule would indeed be applied. Speculate no more:

Evil Geniuses’ Ricki Ortiz faced Du Dang last year in a famous all-American Grand Finals, and thus she has been granted Dang’s auto-qualification in his now-confirmed absence. This is bound to raise some controversy — as while it follows the letter of the CPT rules for this season, Ortiz is ranked at #84 on the global leaderboard, well out of qualification range. Will she prove to be a surprise threat against her higher-ranking opponents at the big event in December?

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