CrossUPDP shares max damage combos for Street Fighter V’s Ryu

By on November 27, 2017 at 2:00 pm

CrossUPDP is back with more of his “MAX DAMAGE” combo tutorial series, and today he’s tackling the much-maligned season 2.5 Ryu.

While Ryu may have gotten his Dragon Punch back thanks to the mid-season balance patch, many still regard the original World Warrior as relatively weak in SFV. We can see here, however, that has less to do with damage output and more to do with the situational, counter-punching nature of his toolset. Ryu’s damage output still hurts when he scores his hits, sometimes even out-damaging and out-stunning the glorious Lord Bison for the same resources. Which just goes to show: damage is a good thing, but it’s not everything when it comes to the overall strength of a character.

Source: CrossUPDP

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