Paradise Arcade Shop opens pre-orders for the Magenta joystick, intends to ship on January 15th

By on November 25, 2017 at 9:00 am

After Evo, we wrote a preview piece on the Magenta, Paradise Arcade Shop’s optical joystick. While their intent was to release in September, several issues along the supply chain caused them to push back the release until they were able to fix those issues.

At long last, the team has announced that pre-orders for what can be described as the Cadillac of arcade levers has opened. Going at the price tag of $99.99, the stick will come with all the bells and whistles described in our preview article alongside five replaceable springs of different weights so you can emulate whatever style stick you want.

Further, if you pre-order, you receive an entry into a raffle for a free prototype version of the Magenta–which functions just as the real thing but with a 3D printed casing for the board. There will be three raffles, and if you order now, you will receive entry in all three raffles. Ordering later will obviously only net you entries into the raffles still to be drawn.

Source: Paradise Arcade Shop

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