HurtboxTV’s latest combo video shows off Dark Resurrection style combos for Tekken 7

By on November 25, 2017 at 1:00 pm
Jin Tekken 7

In a time before “Bound” and “Screw Attacks”, all you had in the Tekken universe was your combo starter and your execution. You’ve got the launch — what do you do with it?

The days of shorter combo states may (potentially) be long gone for Tekken, but they’ll never be forgotten. (Let’s ignore Tekken Revolution for a moment... please.HurtboxTV‘s latest Tekken 7 combo video attempts to show some classic Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection style combos in Tekken 7‘s engine. How does seeing this combo style again make you feel? Would you play a new Tekken if it made you work much harder for damage?

Source: HurtboxTV

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