Are guest characters good or problematic? Maximilian discusses the question

By on November 25, 2017 at 12:00 pm

Guest characters seem to be in vogue again, as we’re seeing more and more crossover characters in many fighting games. We’ve recently seen the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Sub Zero step into Injustice 2. More recently, the most surprising reveal has been Final Fantasy XV‘s Noctis joining Tekken 7.

This the topic Maximilian Dood is tackling in his latest video. He poses the question of whether guest characters cause more harm or good for a fighting game. For instance, a con of having a guest character is taking up time and resources for a side character rather than using it for someone from the franchise that fans of the specific title might be waiting on. In Maximilian’s opinion, Noctis not only doesn’t belong in Tekken 7, but he also delays other fan-favorites that haven’t made it to the game yet.

On the other hand, they can bring a lot of hype as well; everyone remembers the Soul Calibur II guest characters, Heihachi, Spawn, and Link. We’ve also often Akuma step into other games, not to mention the fact that X-Men vs. Street Fighter is entirely built on a guest character battle. There are countless other examples.

What’s your opinion? Talk about it in the comments below and mention your favorite guest characters.

Source: Maximilian

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