The rumors still burn: Possible SoulCalibur VI tidbits from the 8WayRun forums

By on November 24, 2017 at 9:00 am

Is a new SoulCalibur game actually about to be revealed?

SoulCalibur fans are waiting with bated breath to find out if the recent rumors circulating about the yet-unconfirmed SoulCalibur IV are leading to an actual game, or not. DasVergeben from reddit, at least one of the sources of the latest rumors — or “leaks,” if you’re a believer — is currently contributing to the discussion on this subject on 8WayRun’s forums, posting as simply Vergeben:

Believe what you want, but Soul Calibur VI is real and you will see that it is soon enough. 
I even have information about it that I have been advised to, under no circumstance leak. It would dwindle down who is releasing the information to a select few if I did. 

What I can say that I am allowed to that I haven’t yet is that there will be a huge focus on story elements, and the game was still in the motion capture stage even back in May of this year. The game’s very far behind schedule ever since the delay last year due to their moveset / style switching mechanic not working out like they wanted to. 
But like I said recently, they did retain this idea in a certain capacity, however. You will understand what I mean by this eventually. 

I wish I could say more. But for now, everything I have said about it is what I am allowed to. 
I keep being told it is being revealed “very soon” and in December. So regardless of if they do it at TGA or PSX, it’s happening next month. 
I was told it more than likely will not be on display and playable for a little while longer yet though.

Vergeben claims to have knowledge of seven confirmed playable characters: Kilik, two other returning fighters, and four new fighters. Discussion of possible guest characters now includes Fire Emblem characters in addition to The Legend of Zelda‘s Link — but surely that would be Switch-exclusive if true, meaning a repeat of platform-exclusive guests like some previous titles. This new title is expected for PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, while Xbox One isn’t completely ruled out, apparently.

We’ll have to wait and see what Bandai Namco actually has cooking at The Game Awards and/or the PlayStation Experience; many hopefuls will be bitterly disappointed if SoulCalibur VI proves to be merely a legend. Seeing as it’s the 20th Anniversary, the time to make an announcement — if any — on the series’ next return to the stage of history is now!


Thanks to Joe for the tip.

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