Become the very best with this Pikachu Libre combo collaboration for Pokkén Tournament DX

By on November 23, 2017 at 4:00 pm

Pikachu Libre, a.k.a. R. Pika, is the most versatile and mobile grappler in the Pokkén Tournament DX cast. Pokkén Pros BadIntent and Slippingbug put together the ultimate combo guide for any aspiring Pikadores to quickly pick up this popular and powerful tournament Pokémon.

Be it a jab, anti-air, counter, or throw, Libre will always convert or put you in a situation for another terrifying coin flip. It’s at the trade off of a lower health pool then other characters, but as you can see from her damage output and tournament results, that’s not exactly holding the Masked Pikachu back.

Source: BadIntent

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