GameStop-Exclusive Dragon Ball FighterZ figures hint at the game’s plot

By on November 22, 2017 at 10:00 am

Bandai America recently announced some GameStop-exclusive Dragon Stars figures for Dragon Ball FighterZ. What’s interesting about these figures, however, isn’t that they’re exclusive — rather the figures themselves clue us in to some details about the upcoming game’s plot.

The figures in question are for Goku and Vegeta in some alternate, red and black colors. However, these are more than just alternate colors, as Bandai Namco’s tweet specifically refers to them as “clones,” and that they have “arrived to threaten the safety of the planet.”

Combined with what we’ve seen in previous story trailers for the game, this seems to confirm that antagonist Android 21 is somehow involved in a plot to use clones of the series’ heroes for some nefarious purpose.

Both of these “Dragon Ball FighterZ edition” Goku and Vegeta Dragon Stars figures are available for purchase for $19.99 over at GameStop.

Source: Bandai America

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