Brazil’s best Killer Instinct player will be crowned at the KI Brasil League finals this weekend

By on November 22, 2017 at 2:00 pm
KI Brasil League Finals

Killer Instinct is still thriving in Brazil, with the KI Brasil League seeing top players fighting to prove the country’s best player. After eight ranking tournaments, the inaugural league will come to a close with one final bracket, made up of eight of Brazil’s best players.

The finals are going to be a showdown between Brasil League TOs ShameTeam and rival faction FX, to see which group is the dominant force within Latin America. The qualified players are as follows:

  • ST|LemonHunter
  • ST|Veronezi
  • ST|AlphaDengeki
  • FX|Kurama
  • FX|Lengalenga
  • FX|Alielton
  • FX|Kaikss
  • FX|Alighelton

All the action will be streamed over on the ShameTeam Twitch channel, starting this Saturday at 8pm EST. If you’re looking to see more top-level Killer Instinct from an under-represented region, make sure to tune in!

Source: ST_LemonHunter

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