Watch Nage creatively destroy opponents in this “Best Moments” Guilty Gear compilation

By on November 21, 2017 at 2:00 pm

The best way to sum up Japanese player Nage is to call him a wizard, probably. The young Guilty Gear master is known around the world as an incredible Faust player. The lanky doctor has the most RNG and randomness in his gameplay, and yet Nage magically creates amazing synergies with whatever item he throws out.

megalodon summary has prepared a compilation of best Nage moments. At the very start, you can see Nage bully world-class Leo Whitefang player T5M7 (Tomo) with perfect pressure. Who would Instant Kill May on her wake-up? Of course, no one but Nage. There are several amazing moments where Nage seemingly improvises creative combinations into Instant Kills. For every situation and for any punish, Nage knows exactly how to finish off the opponent.

Check out the entertaining reel below to see some amazing moments with Nage.

Source: megalodon summary

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