Venom, Winter Soldier, and Black Widow join Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite on December 5th

By on November 21, 2017 at 9:00 am

The final three DLC characters from Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite‘s 2017 Character Pass — Venom, Winter Soldier and Black Widow — are joining the party on December 5th. Launching alongside the “Dante Must Die” balance patch, these three Marvel representatives are joining the fight with plenty of firepower backing them up.

Winter Soldier is the most heavily-armed of the three, coming into battle with guns and grenades galore. His two main weapons are a pistol and an assault rifle, along with various explosives to keep his opponent at bay. When you want to switch from zoning, Bucky’s metal arm packs quite the punch, with arm attacks bestowing the Winter Soldier with tons of armor. If you’re a Chris player who needs more mobility, the Winter Soldier could be your new best friend.

Black Widow also comes equipped with plenty of gadgets, bringing shock gloves, stun batons and timed sticky explosives to the fight. Somewhat similar to UMvC3’s Jill in terms of movement, Black Widow can flip and even grapple around the screen using a hook hidden within her gloves. Agent Romanov can briefly stun her opponents as well, allowing her to set up for a normal or tag combo. With an air throw super and multiple ways to mix you up, be prepared for some disgusting set-play from Black Widow.

Rounding out this DLC pack, Venom’s multi-hitting Symbiote attacks and web grapples make him a threat at any range. Venom can now set up traps using the Symbiote, with the writhing black mass erupting from the ground to capture opponents — Zato=1 players should be right at home with this lumbering beast.

All three characters will launch on December 5th — it is unknown at this time if they will be playable at Battle for the Stones, along with the new balance patch. If they are, expect some devious counter-picks as some players try out their Day 5 Black Widow on the main stage.

Source: Capcom UK

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