The Dragon Ball FighterZ website now has character profiles for Kid Buu, adult Gohan and Gotenks

By on November 21, 2017 at 1:00 pm
DBFZ Ultimate Gohan

After their reveal in V-Jump last week, the Dragon Ball FighterZ website has been updated with the official character profiles for Kid Buu, Ultimate Gohan and Gotenks. While most of the information in these profiles is the same as what was in V-Jump, we’ve got a little more on how Gohan’s “Unlock Potential” Super works.

Rather than just being a flat power-up, this Install Super changes the functions of certain moves. I imagine the amount of augmented moves will change based on the number of Super bars you use for this Super — so one bar may only power up your standard Kamehameha, while using all seven bars will boost every one of Gohan’s moves.

This website update also included more information on Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s Arcade Mode, and it may have sunk the theory that Hit was hidden in that V-Jump screen. The website shows a high-quality version of the same screen that was in V-Jump, and you can clearly see that it is Ginyu, not Hit on the Arcade Mode path. If you want to see translated versions of the character profiles and the Arcade Mode information, head on over to ShonenGamez.

For those expecting to play Dragon Ball FighterZ at PlayStation Experience, you’re going to be a bit disappointed. Not only is DBFZ not on the list of playable games, but Bandai Namco is not even listed as an exhibitor at the show. Don’t worry about not getting your DBFZ info fix for December though, as the anime-centric Jump Festa happens a week after, where Bandai Namco are planned to show off their line-up for 2018.

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