“Raging Storm” CMV shows off Rock Howard’s combos from The King of Fighters XIV, XIII, 98UM, & 2002UM

By on November 21, 2017 at 6:00 pm
kofxiv-rock-howard-face-cover 750x400

It’s not often that a combo video can act as the de facto music video for a song. That’s the hook for YouTuber Coliflowerz‘s latest The King of Fighters combo video collaboration: “Raging Storm.”

With well-edited combo footage from The King of Fighters XIV, XIII, 98UM and 2002UM, this collaboration with musician Casual Toast is a vehicle for his cover of the Rock Howard’s KOFXIV theme song “Emergence,” taking it from fighting game BGM to what rightfully should be a King of Fighters anime opening.

Sources: ColiflowerzDream Cancel

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