ITS Lil’ Majin shares cross-up setups for Tekken 7’s King

By on November 21, 2017 at 5:00 pm

Cross-ups are not the most common thing you see in Tekken 7. They often require fairly elaborate and specific setups, and outside of the wall there’s just too many get-up possibilities for it to be considered a likelihood that you’d even land the cross-up. Not without player-specific insight, anyways.

Now take most of what I just said and throw it out the window. America’s King, Lil_Majin, is here with a great arsenal of tricky cross-up body splashes and dropkicks. These setups come from a wide variety of throws and juggle-enders, both mid field and at the wall. You’ll want to think twice about quick standing versus a King that knows these — but considering King’s arsenal of ground-hitting moves and ground throws, that might be just want he wants, too.

Source: Lil_Majin

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