Explore the set-play options off Young Zeku’s Bushin Gokusanage in Street Fighter V

By on November 20, 2017 at 2:00 pm
sfv young zeku strider standing

In Street Fighter V, Young Zeku’s target combo “Bushin Gokusanage” (LP, MP, HP, D+HK) is a three-punch string into a flipping attack-throw. Since this target combo switches sides on hit, it’s also a very quick way to get out of the corner and turn the tide in your favor.

Since the attack-throw portion of the target combo has a throw’s knockdown properties, the opponent is limited in how they can get up off the ground. NurseLee ran with this to come up with some safe wake-up pressure and a throw/medium kick mix-up off of a no-recovery wake-up. A lot of the tech we’ve had submitted here at SRK has so far focused on Old Zeku, but as you can see, Zeku’s got great knockdown pressure no matter what stance he takes!

Source: NurseLee

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