Indie developed fighter “Gravity Breakers” reveals “Pay-What-You-Want” prototype on

By on November 19, 2017 at 12:00 pm
cardinal gravity breakers

If you were watching Wednesday Night Fights a few weeks ago and saw a Psychic Force 2012-esque sci-fighter on stream, you were watching a early prototype of the in-development indie fighter Gravity Breakers.

Gravity Breakers is a shmup/fighting game hybrid filled with superheroes, robots, and aliens, and as of today you can play the prototype through with its new “Pay What You Want” model. Developers Gremlin_Ent is actively looking for feedback from the FGC to help refine the project, so if you try it out and have an opinion, be sure to reach out to them via Twitter or their Discord!

Source: Gravity Breakers

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