Mikado Arcade’s Super Street Fighter Carnival 2017 continues with Project Justice: Rival Schools 2

By on November 18, 2017 at 10:00 am

“Super Street Fighter Carnival 2017” marches on! SSFC2017 is the currently ongoing Japanese tournament series at Mikado Arcade for a wide variety of classic (and sometimes, obscure) arcade titles. If you missed the first few tournaments from SSFC2017, there’s a lot to catch up on!

Of all the times we’ve signal boosted Mikado’s excellent tournaments, Project Justice: Rival Schools 2 is consistently the most shared and favorably received games on our site. It’s the right combination of simplicity and nostalgia to really resonates within the FGC. There’s also a certain thrill of watching players battle with, and against, some of the hysterically strong stuff that’s developed over the years in this game’s meta — if you’ve complained about jabs in other games, oh man.

Perhaps most importantly, it’s been a very long time since Capcom took a crack at the 3D fighter genre, and it’s hard to ignore the clamoring for a new title in the series. Until that announcement day comes, though, we’ll have to wait patiently and just enjoy some high level tournament play from one of Japan’s finest arcades.

Are you enjoying SSFC2017? You can follow the action by subscribing to Mikado’s official YouTube channel. You can also try to catch them when they livestream!

Source: Mikado Arcade

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