Dr. Fatbody sets a new speedrun world record for Marvel vs. Capcom 2

By on November 18, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Fighting games are a genre that most people don’t necessarily associate with speed running. The nature of the genre is more conducive to head to head competitive play than trying to beat the games as fast as possible. That said, there are still some people who do speedrun fighting games.

One such players is Cross Counter TV’s Dr. Fatbody who, aside from playing fighting games competitively, also does speedruns for many games. His latest run however mixes both, in the video below, he not only speedruns arcade mode in Marvel vs. Capcom 2, but he also sets the world record for the game.

Prior to this, the world record for Marvel vs. Capcom 2 speedruns (tournament settings) was held by EC Zangief, himself another competitive player, at 8 minutes and 55 seconds. Dr. Fatbody beats that record by 44 seconds, clocking in at 8 minutes and 11 seconds.

Source: Dr. Fatbody, Speedrun

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