Check out UltraDavid’s dash-block option select for safely approaching Firestorm’s Molten Trap in Injustice 2

By on November 18, 2017 at 4:00 pm
Firestorm IJ2

Several months back, Injustice 2 player Raptor discovered an option select with Firestorm that allows The Nuclear Man to meter burn his Molten Trap special only on hit. Knowing whether or not your opponent knows how to preform this in and of itself is a frustrating mix-up, and makes it difficult to approach from full screen without taking big commitments.

That’s where UltraDavid comes in. It’s only fitting to fight an OS with an OS — and that’s exactly what he’s created here with the above outlined dash-block technique. Once you block the first hit of Molten Trap you can safely dash forward (UltraDavid is using Swamp Thing’s dash as an example, which should put into perspective how universal it is), and block most (not all) of Firestorm’s potential zoning tools. It takes an esoteric read (and meter) for Firestorm to punish your dash, which ultimately means you can control the situation if you can react and properly execute this OS.

Source: UltraChenTV

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