Win swiftly and stylishly with AutoMattock’s setplay strategies for Old Zeku in Street Fighter V

By on November 17, 2017 at 6:00 pm
sfv old zeku standing

Street Fighter scientist AutoMattock recently shared a reasonably strong throw loop with ex-Bushinryu master Old Zeku. The throw loop did have a particular weakness though: 3 frame jabs spoiled the potential of it’s +1 frame advantage. If you were hoping for a slightly meatier wake-up option, then you’ll want to see his latest setplay ideas below!

Using crouching HP in these outlined combos allows you to cover all of opponent’s tech options, and if you score a crush combo, you get an excellent cross-up opportunity with Bushin Flip. If the opponent does not recover at all, dashing up twice after whiffing the crouching HP leaves you at frame advantage as they stand up.

Source: AutoMattock

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