The DreamHack Smash Championship returns for DreamHack Winter 2017

By on November 17, 2017 at 3:00 pm
Dreamhack Smash Championships

Back for another year of top-flight Super Smash Bros. Melee competition, DreamHack have opened registration for DreamHack Winter’s Smash Championship. Acting as the perfect stage for Europe’s top Melee players to show off their skills, this year’s event sports a $10,000 prize pot and events for both singles and doubles.

Singles will run round robin pools, with the top two from each pool making it through to Top 64, while the doubles tournament will be a straight double-elimination bracket. If you are interested in competing, you’ll need to buy a DreamHack Winter event pass, which will give you access to the whole event along with the Melee tournament. The event runs from December 2nd-3rd, so you only need to buy a Saturday and Sunday ticket should you not be interested in arriving on the Friday.

So far, Armada, Leffen and Android have signed up to defend the Swedish homeland, while US Sheik player Swedish Delight has also registered — obviously trying to blend in. For more information about both DreamHack Winter and the DreamHack Smash Championship, check out the official page.

Source: DreamHack

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