Gordeau, Yukiko Amagi, and Azrael rip into BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle

By on November 17, 2017 at 9:30 am

After teasing a new Persona 4 Arena combatant entering the fray earlier this week, Arc System Works has revealed the latest trio of fighters heading to the upcoming BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Ragna’s officially got some competition for his “Grim Reaper” title — as the scythe-wielding Greedy Harvester Gordeau, has entered the fray, alongside Sector Seven’s “Mad Dog” Azrael and — as expected — the Investigation Team’s Yukiko Amagi. A trio of reveals highly anticipated by yours truly.

The former Amnesia member brings his signature large normals, along with his Assimilation (which seems to just function as a regular command grab with the absence of GRD and is also one of his Assists), Grim Reaper, Shade Harvest and Mortal Slide special moves. As with all other Under Night In-Birth characters, his sole Distortion Skill will be his Infinite Worth, Turbulence. The “Unconquerable Snow Black,” alongside her Persona, Konohana-Sakuya, will undoubtedly one of the game’s stronger zoners; boasting her signature fans, along with her Fire Boost mechanic. Finally, the newly-christened “Deathbringer” showcases all of his raw strength for the ultimate feast. His Sentinel Dump, current 2C and Rekkas have returned, along with his Exceed Accel, Full Spartan, now serving as a Distortion Skill. However, most interesting is the seemingly complete absence of his Drive ability — The Terror — as his 5C, the game’s Universal Overhead attack that uses his 5D animation, does not leave a weak point on Chie’s body when it connects.

There are also some noticeable HUD improvements, with Distortion Skills and Crash Assaults now turning the stage backgrounds a bright red, as well as a bright “CHANGE!” icon that seems to appear when switching characters. When entering a lower health threshold, character’s portraits will begin to glow red with a “Danger!” message.

Lastly, we’re not given any indication of when the next set of reveals will be — but the final line from Noel implies that Tsubaki, Makoto or even Mai, may be coming to us soon. You can view the full trailer below.

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle will be released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam PC sometime in 2018. You can find the other reveal trailers at the links below.

Source: Arc System Works

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