ApocryphicV’s latest Tekken 7 guide teaches you how to setup Claudio’s Starburst

By on November 17, 2017 at 7:00 pm

It has been about six months since Tekken 7 released for consoles, and I think that might be enough time for Claudio players to get hop-kicks out of their system. Maybe. Maybe not.

Jokes aside, the real meat behind the exorcist’s movelist is his unique Starbust mechanic, a self-buff that grants Claudio access to all of his best (non-hopkick) moves. The new moves granted to Claudio have a wide range of powerful properties including mid/low mix-ups, positive frames, combo starters and more. But he can only get this self-buff by hitting certain moves, and ApocryphicV‘s guide walks you through the various ways you can set this up.

Source: ApocryphicV

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