This video guide will teach you how to beat Xiaoyu in Tekken 7

By on November 16, 2017 at 3:00 pm

Xiaoyu is definitely the demon of many players in Tekken 7 — maybe more so than Devil Jin himself. Those who struggle with fighting the agile young woman definitely need to take a look at this latest video guide from TheMainManSWE, who will get you past a roadblock.

His new video guide offers a thorough explanation on how to effectively deal with Xiaoyu, and how to play much smarter against her. For one, it’s better to play a little more defensively than usual, since she’s looking to counter and evade attacks. In particular, doing high moves is incredibly risky — that’s just what she’s looking for, especially with a stance which will let her do easy launchers. It’s necessary to find attacks that will hit her despite her stance. The video shows a few practical punishes after blocking her attacks, and talks about her throws.

If you’re looking to study up a different character, one of TheMainManSWE’s recent videos covers Devil Jin basics.

Source: TheMainManSWE

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