Properly learn Hibiki’s BlazBlue: Central Fiction 2.0 combos with this complete guide

By on November 16, 2017 at 5:00 pm

One of BlazBlue: Central Fiction‘s new characters, Hibiki Kohaku, doesn’t feel quite as fresh anymore — given that the game has been in the market for over a year now. However, the fairly recent 2.0 patch shook things up quite a bit, rebalancing the game. There have been pretty notable changes to the Central Fiction newcomer.

Hibiki received a lot of good new options in 2.0, as several of his special moves became usable while airborne. That particularly includes his air command grab, which is a common combo ender. For those unfamiliar with Hibiki, he’s a speedy character who can either send a shadow clone without endangering himself or dash up fast at the opponent, with a variety of approaches.

Hentaitop is back with their usual combo videos, which have great presentation. At the beginning, the video shows all the moves with their names in English and Japanese. The combos are divided into simple, intermediate, and Overdrive ones. Check it all out below to get a very good grasp on how to combo with Hibiki.

A recent video also covers how to react to Hibiki’s pressure — useful when learning how to defend against him.

Source: Hentaitop

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