Reach out to the Truth once again! Persona 4 Arena is now Xbox One backwards compatible

By on November 15, 2017 at 4:00 pm

One of the most notable features of Microsoft’s Xbox One is the Backwards Compatibility Program, which allows users to play various titles from the original Xbox and Xbox 360 on the company’s newest console — offering an ever-growing list of over 450 classic titles spanning every genre imaginable. This has proven to be fantastic news for fighting game fans, as titles like Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken 6, Virtua Fighter 2, Street Fighter IV, The King of Fighters Neowave and more are available to be enjoyed digitally by veterans and newcomers alike.

The P-1 Grand Prix now resumes with the Xbox 360 version of 2012’s Persona 4 Arena, the original collaborative work between ATLUS and Arc System Works. Earlier today, it was announced as the latest fighting title to join the service, alongside other games such as Cars: Mater-National, Jewel Quest and Tecmo Bowl Throwback. Unfortunately, the 2014 sequel, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax has not become part of the Program yet, but that will hopefully change in the near future. You can see the announcement tweet from Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, below — and you can also jump back into the TV World as a Games On Demand title for a cool $29.99 on the Xbox 360 Marketplace, if you don’t already own it.

Fittingly enough, it has also been announced that another Persona 4 Arena character — likely the Investigation Team’s Yukiko Amagi — will be amongst the next round of character reveals for the upcoming BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle this Friday.

Source: majornelson (Twitter) via Persona Central

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