Busan 9th Esports World Championship 2017 results

By on November 15, 2017 at 7:00 pm

While the headline stories in the world of Tekken were the Tekken World Tour Finals taking place in San Francisco, as well as the reveal of Final Fantasy XV protagonist Noctis as the game’s second guest DLC character, the battle to determine a King of Iron Fist champion was also raging in Busan, South Korea this past Saturday at the 9th Esports World Championship. This is a yearly event hosted by the International Esports Foundation, as they look to put on a special competition that is primarily aimed at bringing different countries together in a contest for national supremacy — with Tekken 7 serving as this year’s chosen battlefield.

As such, only one player from each participating country could participate in the bracket, as they were decided by a series of qualifiers in their homelands. The battles were a race to four until competitors reached the semi-final rounds, where things changed into a first-to-five format.



Tekken 7

1.PBE|Doujin (Kazumi, Shaheen, Hwoarang, Eddy) [Philippines] 2.VS|Book (Jin) [Thailand] 3.mYi|KiraKira (Eliza) [Switzerland)] 4.Kor_Nnova (Shaheen, Dragunov, Kazumi) [New Zealand] 5.Jeondding (Lucky Chloe) [South Korea] 5. Tejan (JACK-7) [India] 5. HXI|Zaba (Paul) [Malaysia] 5. SolidStonE (Dragunov) [Israel]

Source: IESF TV

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