SNK’s latest financial report shows huge profits, 33% increase in sales from previous fiscal year

By on November 14, 2017 at 7:00 pm

When SNK was acquired by Chinese mobile gaming company 37games, the acquisition itself was not as big of a bombshell as the future 37games envisioned for them. CEO Zheng Jianhui announced strategies to pull out of the pachislot business and focus solely on SNK’s rich IP library, likening SNK’s path to that of Marvel’s: they wanted to license their history and characters in as many mediums as possible. (In hindsight, perhaps this should have been the first clue to Geese Howard appearing in Tekken 7.)

Well, almost two years into that commitment, SNK is seeing the reward. As originally reported by, Net sales up 33.7% year over over, operating income is up 27.3%, and the final profit is 3.105 billion yen. Considering the previous year’s 558 million yen deficit, this is a remarkable turnaround for a company many may have thought was down-and-out.

Combined with the expansion of SNK’s Esports division and reports of new fighting games already in the works, SNK’s new path seems to be the right one.


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