Rule all of Punch Planet’s inhabitants with these Tyara combos and resets

By on November 13, 2017 at 1:00 pm

One of the biggest pops Sector-K’s Punch Planet got during its pre-release tour of FGC tournaments was the reveal of Tyara at Evo 2017 — for obvious aesthetic reasons. Character design aside, now that the game has entered early access, we get to see and experience the full range of Tyara’s options (as they exist in the current build of

One thing that may not have been as neatly understood about this SPD-user is the ability to freely combo off of her command grab, and the multiple ways she’s able to manipulate the Time-Canceling system. Combining her longer combos and her ability to cross-up downed opponents allows the Amazonian alien to vortex foes with ease, making her the perfect fit for set play-loving players.

Source: BobMarleyChiti

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