desk reimagines Street Fighter V in the style of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

By on November 13, 2017 at 10:00 am

Combo video maestro desk has released a new video re-imagining the sound and visuals of Street Fighter V in the style of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. Inspired by the game’s recent addition of the classic Street Fighter 2 soundtrack, desk arranged parts of the Street Fighter V character select song and Karin’s theme using sounds from the CPS-1 arcade board and recreated the game’s UI to match the classic yellow and red health bars of Street Fighter II.

The attention to detail is rather astonishing; desk went out of his way to include reproduce the sound effects for individual hits used in Street Fighter II and used a bitcrush effect to make character voices and unique sound effects match the classic style. With the video, desk said he intended to create the sort of visual package he would buy, if it were released as DLC. The end result is the product of more than 100 hours of work and reflects a creativity that expands beyond the game.

You can read more about how desk developed Street Fighter 5: The World Warrior in the video’s description; a free music pack containing the tracks in the video along with a new CPS-1 arrangement of Guile’s theme and a Megadrive arrangement of Juri’s theme is available via Bandcamp.

Source: desk

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