Burning to fight: Catch up on recent tournament action for The King of Fighters XIV: KOFes, K.O Tournament, & more

By on November 13, 2017 at 8:00 pm
Xanadu KOF

The battle is far from over for The King of Fighters XIV!

SNK’s flagship fighter might no longer be in the North American spotlight as much as deserved, but there’s still plenty of fierce fights between dedicated fans going on in The King of Fighters XIV around the world. YouTuber Gatoray has been diligently compiling footage for such events, ready to fill your KOF fix.

KOFes 2017 took place in Japan on November 11th. Here’s the top four:

This past weekend also saw K.O Tournament in Columbia hosting KOFXIV. Check out the finals matches, via FGC_Romance.

If you’d like to see some arcade action, Nishinippori Game Spot holds regular KOFXIV events. Their 18th ran near the end of October; you can see the fights in the videos below! (Commentary in Japanese, of course.)

Keep an eye on FGC_Romance and Gatoray’s YouTube channel for more KOFXIV fight footage!


Sources: Gatoray; FGC_Romance

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