AutoMattock shows off corner throw loops with Street Fighter V’s Old Zeku

By on November 13, 2017 at 11:00 am
Zeku SFV Reveal

Street Fighter scientist AutoMattock has been studying the ways of Bushinryu, and has put together a solid corner vortex for the latest Season 2 DLC character Zeku (specifically, from “Old” Zeku form).

After Old Zeku forces a block in the corner with EX Koku, he’s in range for a grab attempt with +1 frame advantage. Versus any characters without a 3 frame normal, he’s also able to frame trap with his cr.LP. Once you land the throw? St.HP with counter-hit quick rise buttons. If they get up and block, they are right back in the same situation, since you can special cancel into EX Koku. Neat!

Source: AutoMattock

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